[Review] Gelid Tranquillo Rev2


A sample from our next contender comes from Gelid. The company is based in Hong Kong with management in Swiss. The company is a fairly young player in the industry and was founded in 2008 by Gebhard Scherrer and VC Tran. Gelid is Gebhard Scherrer’s latest project after co-founding the well known Arctic Cooling brand. Gelid’s name established quickly and well in the industry, rather known for their case fan product line, Gelid now is also more determined to get a foothold in the CPU cooler market.

Gelid Tranquillo v2 - Profile

The Tranquillo is not Gelid’s first attempt at CPU air cooling but Gelid took some time out after the “Silent Spirit” release. The sample we will be reviewing today is actually the v2 or Rev2 of the “Tranquillo” cooler with updated design and mounting to accommodate newer socket configurations.

The Gelid Tranquillo is a tower design CPU heatsink and features 4x heatpipes which measure all 6mm in diameter. The Tranquillo cooler does not feature the popular HDT design and instead provides a traditional uncoated full copper base. The base has a small heatsink in top to enhance cooling. The design of the heatsinks body is unusual as it is shaped like a chevron. This design takes advantage of the airflow gap right between the fan and the cooler as well as extending the airflow out back where it is best.

The 6 uncoated full copper heatpipes add up to a full 1 foot in length if put together. The H612 also features a broad range of applications and installation options.


  • 4 Power Heatpipes in new constellation
  • Intelligent PWM Fan Control Curve
  • Silent Operation with High Airflow
  • 4×90° AMD Clip Mounting Direction
  • Optimized Fan Blade
  • 5 Year Warranty

Supported Sockets:

Intel 775 / 1156 / 1155 / 1366 (Requires backplate)
AMD AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 (Requires backplate)


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