[Review] Cooler Master TPC-812


We congratulate Cooler Master to their 20th Anniversary. The company has done well and is well established with no small list of award winning products in a vast line of categories. We are pleased to announce that we will be reviewing the anniversary edition TPC-812 CPU cooler today. We are sure the vast majority of enthusiast and our readers found themselves liking or even loving one or probably more of Cooler Master’s products at some point in time. Cooler Master has been in business for so long for good reason. The company is focused on making their products with a focus on achieving the top ten in whichever category the product is aimed for. This often requires to venture into unknown and very innovative territory. We have seen the company adapt and improve upon seemingly too ambitious or too timid attempts of product innovation. The company also keeps a good amount of open channels to their customer base and fans and even takes design considerations into account.

Cooler Master TPC-812 - Profile

The Cooler Master TPC-812 is the latest in Cooler Master’s heatpipe vertical vapor chamber designs. Not to confuse it all. These vapor chambers are not inside the heatpipes as you might have seen or heard before. The vapor chambers are separate from the heatpipes and work in addition to the heatpipes. The 6 heatpipes by themselves should make for some good cooling performance but combined with the vapor chambers this could be a fierce competitor. Cooler Master also improved the fan clip-on design. The screw holes are no longer covered by the foam padding. We will explore more of this in detail later in this review.

About Cooler Master:
Pursuing excellence in design, quality, and affordability since its inception two decades ago, Cooler Master has fueled growth through product portfolio diversification. This comes from an endless drive to deliver world class quality and service to its customers.

What Cooler Master has to say about this cooler:
The first ever CPU heatsink to utilize vertical vapor chamber cooling and combine it with heat pipe technology, TPC 812 is prepared to handle the massive heat generated by overclocking and benchmarking. Vertical vapor chamber working in tandem with heat pipes and a specialized heatsink and fin design allow the TPC 812 to outperform the competition.


  • The TPC 812 uses 2 separate cooling technologies to transfer heat – heat pipes and vertical vapor chambers.
  • Ready for overclocking, benchmarking and silent cooling.
  • The first-ever CPU heatsink to use vertical vapor chamber technology.
  • 100% pure polished copper base – combined with improved soldering technologies for the best thermal transfer.
  • Special fin design – heatsink receives concentrated cold airflow.
  • Improved air pressure design and fan mounting system.
Supported Sockets:
Intel 775 / 1156 / 1155 / 1366 / 2011
AMD AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1

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The Verdict

The Good:   Good performance, Good quality, re-worked mounting kit
The Bad:    Single Fan, included fan can be noise on max.