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Aereo brings its streaming TV & cloud DVR service to Boston on May 15 | VentureBeat

Despite continued legal attacks by television networks, controversial streaming TV startup Aereo will bring its service to Boston starting May 15, the company announced today. Aereo offers streams of over-the-air broadcasts from channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS and makes them available on PCs and smart devices for $8 or $12 a month. It has installed many […]

Facebook said to construct huge data center in Iowa | VentureBeat

Your Facebook photos and likes may just be headed to a new home. Facebook is reportedly opening a new, $1.5 billion data center in Altoona, Iowa, according to The Des Moines Register. The data center is slated to be 1.4 million square feet, compared with the already enormous 300,000 square foot Prineville, Ore. facility Facebook currently has, according to “lawmakers” who […]

VentureBeat: Google announces its third Google Fiber city: Provo, Utah (aka Silicon Slopes)

Just weeks after officially revealing that Google Fiber would expand into Austin, Tex., Google is announcing its third U.S. Fiber city — Provo, Utah. Google Fiber offers download and upload speeds that are 100 times faster than the average consumer broadband Internet connection, and at a much cheaper price. The service launched in the Kansas City area back […]

A short translation from bull**** to English of the Google Chrome Blink developer FAQ | VentureBeat

by Rob Isaac Rob Isaac is a New Zealand-based developer, technical analyst, and consultant. After the news that Google would be creating its own, Chrome-specific version of the Webkit browser rendering engine, called Blink, Isaac created this “translation” of Google’s developer FAQ for Blink. This FAQ was originally published on his website. 1 Why is Chrome spawning a new browser […]

Zuckerberg’s activist group hires lobbyists to help push immigration reform | VentureBeat

Zuckerberg’s activist group hires lobbyists to help push immigration reform | VentureBeat. Mark Zuckerberg: Billionaire, social network tycoon, and now, activist. Last week the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Facebook CEO was planning his own advocacy group, and now a new report from Politco says the group is getting it own lobbyists: big shot firms Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart and Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock.  […]

Crazy or crazy-smart? Canadian man puts grandparents’ house up for sale … for Bitcoins | VentureBeat

Crazy or crazy-smart? Canadian man puts grandparents’ house up for sale … for Bitcoins | VentureBeat.   A currency trader is selling his grandparents’ house for as many Bitcoins as he can get his hands on. Taylor More put the listing up for the family home (pictured above) in Alberta, Canada, several days ago. He told me that […]

Google announces first major Fiber expansion, but it’s still in the Kansas City area | VentureBeat

Google will add Olathe, Kan. to the list of cities that will get its blazing-fastGoogle Fiber Internet speeds, the company said in a blog post Tuesday. The Google Fiber initiative brings super-fast gigabyte download and upload Internet speeds to homes, but it doesn’t yet offer a business option. Previously, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that Fiber was not an […]

Netflix ranking reveals 17 fastest ISPs in America | VentureBeat

After all, the online TV and movie distributor has, on occasion, used up to a third of all bandwidth in North America singlehandedly. And Netflix’s 33 million customers currently stream more than a billion hours of TV and movies every single month. The streaming media company has putout a “Netflix ISP Index,” giving you insight […]