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The Verge: Samsung under investigation for false advertising about HTC in Taiwan

Samsung is under investigation by Taiwanese authorities over allegations that it used deceptive advertising practices in the country, the AFP reports. The company reportedly hired students to write negative remarks online about HTC and to post promotional content for itself. Though it’s unclear what the actual content of these messages was, in a statement provided […]

Scientists build robotic ant colony to find out how real ants choose directions | The Verge

As anyone who’s ever observed an ant farm will attest, ants tend to pick the most efficient route through their maze to a food source, even when confronted with two seemingly identical routes. Scientists weren’t exactly sure how ants are able to do this, especially with limited vision and limited brainpower. So a team of […]

Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android can now share your location and read your text messages | The Verge

Last year Nuance introduced Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android, its latest entry into the voice-activated smartphone assistant genre. Today the company has released version 3.0 of the app with an assortment of usability enhancements, including location sharing and the ability to dial users into scheduled calls automatically. As before, you can tap on the microphone icon […]