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Why you want Google Fiber

(CNN) — This week, tech giant Google made it official: Google Fiber is coming to Austin. Residents of the hip Texas city will be the beneficiaries of Internet speeds of 1-gigabit, roughly 100 times faster than current speeds. In Kansas City, where the service launched last fall, 1-gigabit service costs $70 per month. For $120…
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DailyTech – EDITORIAL: CNN’s Colorful Account of Tokyo Radiation “Danger” is Inaccurate

Peer reviewed research indicates there’s no significant health risk of current radiation levels Yesterday we posted an editorial on anMSNBC article describing the quake “risk” facing U.S. nuclear plants.  In our piece we discuss factual accuracy issues in that article and its overall sensational tone in failing to immediately address the supporting study’s key conclusion — that…
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