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A short translation from bull**** to English of the Google Chrome Blink developer FAQ | VentureBeat

by Rob Isaac Rob Isaac is a New Zealand-based developer, technical analyst, and consultant. After the news that Google would be creating its own, Chrome-specific version of the Webkit browser rendering engine, called Blink, Isaac created this “translation” of Google’s developer FAQ for Blink. This FAQ was originally published on his website. 1 Why is Chrome spawning a new browser…
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Google Is Forking WebKit to Create a New Rendering Engine For Chrome and Opera

Google announced last night that it’s going to stop using WebKit—the rendering engine currently used by the likes of Safari and Chrome to display web pages—in favor of its own solution which will be called Blink. That is, admittedly, super-nerdy news, but it’s important. Google claims that WebKit has been slowing down the way it develops its web…
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Google Chrome overtakes the Firefox

The day has come, many thought it would not happen, many said it is not possible… This week marks a mile stone in Google’s Chrome browser history. This week was the first time that the Chrome browser officially counted more users then Firefox. There has been talk that Firefox is releasing new versions to frequent…
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