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Primochill Compression Tube Reservoir Review | bit-tech.net

Primochill Compression Tube Reservoir Review | bit-tech.net. We’ve lost a few water-cooling companies in recent years but one of the longest-standing, and still-running has to be Primochill. It has always been a big advocate of interesting reservoirs and general water-cooling customisation, but with the likes of EK Waterblocks and Phobya now on the scene, it’s […]

[How to] Overclock Sandy Bridge E – bit-tech.net

How to Overclock Sandy Bridge E Intel showed us how it would overclock a Sandy Bridge E processor While we’ve yet to get our hands on a Sandy Bridge E processor, Intel has revealed how we’ll be overclocking it. As the architecture’s codename implies, Sandy Bridge E is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, despite the […]