The Desperation Build

Emergency! .. Emergency!

So .. I don’t know if you may noticed, I had a bit of server downtime (06/25/09 – 07/02/09). This was due to some issue with the server motherboard, which in turn caused the raid to fail.

I had to get the site back up ASAP. I had spare parts laying around, so I went on to build a second server. The new machine is based on the ASUS P5K Premium WiFi paired with an Intel Q6600.

I had planned this upgrade for a while and wanted to have everything in place to complete it as planned but time has run out. I build the whole machine in under two hours and was up and running again quickly but not without more trouble.

The file recovery was painful and it took a very long time, I also lost a good amount of data. I had to use File Scavenger to get my data back and I am still in the process of sorting things out, which will take forever.

Anyway, while I was building the machine, I stumbled upon a few water cooling parts and decided to throw them in as well.

Here is the result:

Desperation Build

Full view – had to throw in the Swiftech H20-220 and get the server back up

Desperation Build

First test run and leak testing. All is good so far.

Desperation Build

Yes, i also added a GPU block for the EVGA GTX 260. Wire and tubing management was not the easy task.

Desperation Build

For additional cooling I was able to squeeze a 120 rad in the front.

Seemed to work out ok but really didn’t. At first it ran well, then a leak. One of the fittings on the res was dripping.

Not really a major issue yet but this rackmount server sits on top of the primary server. So not only did I have water on the bottom of this case, which was scary enough but it started dripping down to the other server.

And there you have it … another failure. Server down again.

I am not a friend at all of plastic barbs and can not recommend them at all. I purchase more metal fittings which took a few days and started all over.

I now switched the systems around in the cases, so this system is now in the bottom rackmount and the primary server system is now in the upper rackmount case.

I will show some more pictures later. right now I am still working on getting things sorted out. bare with me.

All systems have been build in house and by hand.