Google announces first major Fiber expansion, but it’s still in the Kansas City area | VentureBeat

Google announces first major Fiber expansion, but it’s still in the Kansas City area

Google will add Olathe, Kan. to the list of cities that will get its blazing-fastGoogle Fiber Internet speeds, the company said in a blog post Tuesday.

The Google Fiber initiative brings super-fast gigabyte download and upload Internet speeds to homes, but it doesn’t yet offer a business option. Previously, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that Fiber was not an experiment and that Google would likely expand the project outside of its first two cities — Kansas City, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. So it looks like that’s finally happening.

Olathe is part of the Greater Kansas City area, but this at least shows Google wasn’t kidding around and will bring Fiber to more areas. Choosing another city near Kansas City makes sense because the company will be able to move resources easily to sites there. Google also thinks Olathe, like Kansas City, fits the mold for places that will take advantage of Google Fiber.

“Olathe has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Kansas and has attracted an influx of new businesses and residents,” Google Fiber community manager Rachel Hack wrote in a blog post. “They’ve all noticed what a great community Olathe is, and so have we. We think that Fiber and widespread Internet access will help to create jobs, grow local businesses, and make Olathe even stronger as it grows.”

Consumers will be able to sign up for the service during a pre-registration period. Google has not announced when it will begin taking pre-orders for Fiber in Olathe and said that installation schedules in Kansas City will not be affected by the announcement. Plan pricing ranges from $0/month for basic Internet service (which comes with a one-time $300 “construction fee”) to $70/month for Gigabit Internet and $120/month for Gigabit Internet and TV.
Source: VentureBeat.