Monthly Archives: October 2011

AnandTech | LSI Announces Agreement to Acquire SandForce

For much of the past year I’ve been hearing SandForce wanted to be bought. The price? $300M – $400M. A bit too rich for OCZ’s blood, but a figure that I felt wasn’t too high given the immense technological advantage that SandForce enjoyed. SandForce’s biggest issue? It needed a partner that would bring sound validation […]

Intel’s Tri-Gate Transistor Named “Semiconductor Innovation of the Year”

The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards named Intel’s Tri-Gate transistor the semiconductor innovation of the year. Award criteria included breaking with conventional processes in the field and having wide impact on its field or on future technology.For the first time since the invention of silicon transistors over 50 years ago, transistors using a 3-D structure will be put into […]

Computer great Dennis Ritchie dies at 70 | Reuters

The world has lost another computer pioneer. Dennis Ritchie, the computer scientist who invented the C programing language and co-developed the Unix operating system, has died at the age of 70. The New York Times reports that Ritchie’s body was found in his New Jersey home. While working at Bell Labs in the 1960s and […]

AMD FX Processor Product Brief

AMD FX Processors unlock maximum, unrestrained processing performance for extreme responsiveness you can see and feel. Maximum Performance The industry’s only 8-core desktop processor Overclock with easy to use AMD Overdrive™ and AMD Catalyst Control Center™ software suites1 Supreme power available from virtually every core configuration – also available in 6- and 4-core variants Aggressive performance […]