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Apple May Switch to Inferior, Pricier Chips to Spite Samsung – DailyTech

Analysts suggests Apple’s customers may hardly notice the difference, even if they’re paying more Even as Samsung Electronics Comp., Ltd.’s (SEO 005930) legal woes [1][2][3][4][5] regarding Apple, Inc.’s (AAPL) campaign of lawsuits and trade court complaints continue, it faces a perhaps more serious crisis in the form of an eroding supply relationship with its legal rival.  Samsung currently “has…
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[How to] Overclock Sandy Bridge E –

How to Overclock Sandy Bridge E Intel showed us how it would overclock a Sandy Bridge E processor While we’ve yet to get our hands on a Sandy Bridge E processor, Intel has revealed how we’ll be overclocking it. As the architecture’s codename implies, Sandy Bridge E is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, despite the…
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Multi-Core Goes Mainstream, Computing Pushed to Extremes

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS New “Near Threshold Voltage Processor” from Intel Labs challenges the computing system status quo with an experimental Pentium®-class Intel® architecture CPU delivering five times the energy efficiency and the ability to run off a solar cell the size of a postage stamp. Intel Labs released a “Parallel JS” engine to the open source community, adding data-parallel capabilities to…
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