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DailyTech – Intel, AMD Talk USB 3.0 Chipset Support

Intel support coming next year, AMD support much sooner There are a number of notebooks on the market today that have USB 3.0 ports onboard. HP unveiled several new notebooks this week that that have USB 3.0 for example. However, all of the notebooks and desktops on the market today have to use a third-party USB 3.0 […]

DailyTech – REVOLT! NC Towns Take Up Legal Arms Against Anti-Municipal Internet Bill

Seven towns pass measures condemning Republican proposal which could rob them of the right to self-governance We’ve extensively discussed the controversy and conflict surrounding Bill H.129 [PDF].  In the face of legislation that could cripple their locally funded, voter-approved services, seven towns in North Carolina are striking back, publishing resolutions that condemn the effort. The towns are urging state […]

DailyTech – Windows 8 Appears to be Running Happily on ARM CPUs

Watch out Intel and AMD, power efficient ARM processors will soon be able to run Windows At CES 2011, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer showed off an early build of a next generation Windows operating systemrunning on an ARM architecture CPU.  This week at Microsoft’s MIX Developer Conference in Las Vegas, the company gave developers a surprise Easter […]

New Intel® Atom™ Processor for Tablets Spurs Companion Computing Device Innovation

Company Outlines Plans to Accelerate Intel Manufacturing Lead with Intel® Atom™ Processor Family and Move Faster than Moore’s Law NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Over 35 innovative “Oak Trail” design wins from customers including Evolve III*, Fujitsu Limited*, Lenovo*, Motion Computing*, Razer*, and Viliv* available starting in May and throughout 2011. “Cedar Trail,” Intel’s upcoming netbook and entry-level […]

DailyTech – Microsoft Outs Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Microsoft looks ahead to Internet Explorer 10 Microsoft just got Internet Explorer 9 out the door, but that doesn’t meant that the boys from Redmond are taking a break — they are already gearing up for Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft dipped its toes in the HTML5 waters with IE9, but it is doing a full-blown cannonball […]

DailyTech – Germans Create Self Healing Rubbers, Plastics Inspired by Nature

Science distill the genius of millions of years of evolution into products with great commercial potential Dr. Anke Nellesen [profile], a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology in Germany, was fascinated by caoutchouc tree hevea brasiliensis and plants that conduct latex, such as the Weeping Benjamin. Millions of years of evolution yielded a […]

DailyTech – Follow-up: Top Gear Executive Producer Responds to Tesla’s EV Lawsuit

Top Gear Executive Producer fires back at Tesla Motors In the eyes of many parents, their children can do no wrong. Efforts by others to point out any wrongdoings can be met with contempt or denial by parents. Like a parent scorned by a watchful school teacher, Tesla Motors lashed out at the BBC’s popular Top […]