Monthly Archives: March 2011

DailyTech – EDITORIAL: CNN’s Colorful Account of Tokyo Radiation “Danger” is Inaccurate

Peer reviewed research indicates there’s no significant health risk of current radiation levels Yesterday we posted an editorial on anMSNBC article describing the quake “risk” facing U.S. nuclear plants.  In our piece we discuss factual accuracy issues in that article and its overall sensational tone in failing to immediately address the supporting study’s key conclusion — that…
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DailyTech – RSA — the Firm Founded by Encryption Standard’s Creators — Gets Hacked

Apparently even the security experts can’t stay secure It is always embarrassing when a security firm gets hacked.  But it’s extraordinary and perhaps unprecedented when a senior firm behind one of the industry’s top security standards gets hacked. That’s precisely what happened with RSA Security who self-reported [press release] an intrusion and possible lost of data…
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DailyTech – Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9, Makes a Strong Case for Business Users

However, IE9 isn’t quite up to par with other consumer internet browsers on the market Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Corp.’s latest and greatest browser released today in finalized form.  So why should we care? Well two stories dominated when it comes to IE9.  The first the media will be sure to talk about; the other you’ll…
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