Snap! Whap happen?

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Web Design and website changes

I made some significant changes to the website. Majority of it is CSS3 or in the planning for CSS3. To see the new Web Design in it’s full glory use the Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser as these are the only two that support all the new designs. Many of the new designs are also visible in Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft’s internet Explorer 7 and 8 do not yet support CSS3 at all and most likely Internet Explorer won’t support CSS3 until version 9. Enjoy the new view and there are more changes to come. As usual you are always welcome to contact me for suggestions.


Removed the Folding@Home quick view. all views and results have been consolidated in the Folding@Home section.

The “Projects” quick view has been moved to the “Build Log” section.


I moved the inventory, eBay and eBay Classifieds sections and consolidated them into the StoreFront section.

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