Monthly Archives: July 2010

AnandTech | Intel’s 50Gbps Silicon Photonics Link: The Future of Interfaces

On Tuesday, Intel demonstrated the world’s first practical data connection using silicon photonics – a 50 gigabit per second optical data connection built around an electrically pumped hybrid silicon laser. They achieved the 50 gigabit/s data rate by multiplexing 4 12.5 gigabit/s wavelengths into one fiber – wavelength division multiplexing. Intel dubbed its demo the…
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DailyTech – Nanotechnology Delivers Revolutionary Pumpless Water Cooling

Forget traditional metal block coolers a nanowick could remove 10 times the heat of current chip designs A collaboration of university researchers and top industry experts has created a pumpless liquid cooling system that uses nanotechnology to push the limits of past designs. One fundamental computing problem is that there are only two ways to increase computing…
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DailyTech – “Proof” That Linux Project Ripped Off Unix Code Released

Leak from biased source obviously will draw skepticism from the open-source community IBM, which is among the largest firms pushing the open-source Linux operating system, was slammed with a $1B USD lawsuit in 2003 from SCO, one of the owners of a Unix distribution. The lawsuit alleged that IBM ripped off Linux code from the…
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