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“This is for everyone”

Free Internet, Google Fiber and why this is for everyone. by Tim Berners-Lee aka TimBL founder of the World Wide Web Foundation Free is free. Free is good. Is it still that way? Reading many blogs and speaking to some more people it sometimes seems as either free is not free enough or free is overrated. Google,…
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“Money Can’t Buy Everything”

Yesterday, I have been browsing the web as usual. Looking for what’s new out there, something interesting when I stumbled upon this article on TechCrunch. The article was called “For the Single Founder Who Can’t Code”. I am in the market. Single Founder and want to code but I am still rather noobish, maybe I can learn…
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Diggnation live, coming to an end

Yes you heard right or if you haven’t heard it yet, you know now. Diggnation aired it’s last live show on 01/18/12. The show will go on but in a recorded setting which softens the blow just a little bit. This is according to the diggnation team. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, the hosts of…
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