Make the Call | Stop the Wall

Say no to SOPA and say no to PIPA.

Both SOPA and PIPA were created by big media companies, lobbyists and politicians to create and secure a new revenue stream that could render the internet as we know unusable. The bills would allow the government and companies working for the government to almost immediately shut down websites and businesses that share user created content if that content point to other content that would infringe on the said bills. Simply linking to a torrent could be the reason.dThe very people that want to implement these laws are infringing on them. Gov. Lamar Smith has used content without consent and used it on it’s own website. See DailyTech article:Obama Admin. Declares War on SOPA; SOPA Author Caught Stealing WorkdIn the Wall Street Journal, artist and author DailyTech has reported on this contiguously. The latest article: Ding, Dong SOPA is DeaddWilliam Gibson Calls SOPA ‘Draconian’If you feel like making a stand, you can support “Make the call, stop the wall.”

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Make the Call | Stop the Wall.